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About Us

DTA Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd. (DTA) was founded in 1996. In the early days, it specialized in advising, structuring and procuring equity or equity-linked finance schemes for Malaysian-based companies.

The new fund will focus on

  • later stage ICT companies
  • the services sector
  • the energy-related sector

In the ICT sector, investments are expected to be made in companies operating in the enabler space. This means that their products and services are the engines for the development and commercialization of new and novel:

  • technologies
  • support & infrastructures
  • services

Our present ICT Fund portfolio already consists of young companies operating in BPO, mobile messaging, e-learning, operating systems, hardware & software transmission equipment, wireless security, etc.

The remaining part of the Fund will be for the purchase of pre-IPO and restricted placements of quoted shares, and new issues of private shares in the energy-related and services sector: education, food, healthcare, environment, energy related, etc.

The energy sector is identified as one of the core sectors of the economy ear-marked for development to reduce dependency on the non-renewable fossil fuels. The Services Sector, on the other hand, worth some MYR150bn yearly is chosen as an increasingly higher value-add sector to the Malaysian and the regional economies.